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Muskingum County, Ohio Township Contacts

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Adams Township

Meetings: 8PM, 2nd MON, Adams Twp Hall, 6566 Edgemoor Rd.
Roger Hogue (Trustee)

Rob Vernon (Trustee)

Ronald Hogue (Trustee)

Tonya Kreis (Fiscal Officer)
* Clerk

Cass Township

Meetings: 7 PM, 1st TUE, Cass Twp Hall, 3215 4th St, Trinway
Randy Stotts (Trustee)

Drake Prouty (Trustee)

Brian Palmer (Trustee)

*S. Yvonne Sidwell (Fiscal Officer)
* Clerk

Highland Township

Meetings: 7 PM, 2nd MON, Twp Hall, 5740 Cambridge Rd, Bloomfield
Ronald Barr Sr. (Trustee)

Randy Morrow (Trustee)

Dan Downey (Trustee)

*Tim Cross (Fiscal Officer)
* Clerk

Meigs Township

Meetings: 7 PM 1st TUES, Old Meigs School Bldg, 8510 Big Muskie Dr, SR 284
Stephen Z. Bradley, Sr. (Trustee)

Rodney Dingey (Trustee)

Jesse Rayner (Trustee)

*Becky Dingey (Fiscal Officer)

(Board of Trustees)
* Clerk

Rich Hill Township

Meetings: 7:30 PM (winter) 8 PM (summer) LAST MON, Twp Hall, Heron Rd
Clayton Dawson (Trustee)

Darren Founds (Trustee)

Barry Bauserman (Trustee)

*Debbie St. Clair (Fiscal Officer)
* Clerk

Muskingum County Code Enforcement (740) 455-7905