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Human Resources

Welcome to the Muskingum County Human Resources Home Page! The Human Resources Department offers services and support to Elected Officials, County Departments and employees. Some of the services we offer are: hiring and recruiting, benefits administration, safety and loss control, compliance regulations and assist with labor relations and negotiations.
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Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) Policy

A. The County is an equal employment opportunity employer. All personnel decisions in the areas of recruitment, selection, promotion, demotion, lay off, position upgrade, transfer, termination, discipline, as well as other personnel actions, shall be made based solely upon merit, fitness and other bona fide occupational qualifications, without regard to an individual's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran's status, or qualified mental or physical disability [except to the extent that physical ability to perform the job is a bona fide occupational qualification].

B. The County will not discriminate against any person intending to become a citizen, insofar as that person has completed a declaration stating that he intends to declare US citizenship within six (6) months of eligibility for naturalization.

C. The County will provide reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified applicants and employees for disabilities for which the County is made aware. The County is not required, nor shall it make, any accommodation which he determines to create an "undue hardship" on the County. If an employee [or applicant] seeks an accommodation, the employee shall so notify the County’s Human Resources Department who, in conjunction with the appointing authority, shall consider the disability and determine an appropriate reasonable accommodation, if any. The County does not have nor does it create “light duty” jobs as a means of accommodation for disabled or other persons.

D. If an employee feels that he has been discriminated against contrary to the intent of this policy, he may seek consideration through the Complaint Procedure. If a supervisor or other county employee is found, after an investigation, to have engaged in any unlawful [or inappropriate in light of this policy] discrimination, such supervisor shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from employment.

E. The County also strives to provide to its employees a work environment - free from unlawful discrimination and hostility - as it pertains to the working relationships between employees and persons who do business with the County such as vendors, contractors, and consultants. If an employee experiences unlawful discrimination or an unlawful hostile work environment in dealing with such non-employee doing business with the County, the employee is encouraged to so notify the appointing authority or his designee who shall be responsible for promptly investigating and appropriately resolving the problem. If the non-employee is found to have unlawfully discriminated against the employee, or created an unlawfully hostile work environment, the appointing authority shall resolve the problem by so informing the violator, and ordering him to cease and desist the unlawful behavior. Repeated unlawful discrimination or the continuation of creating an unlawful hostile work environment on the part of the non-employee shall result in the appointing authority ceasing to do business with such person or firm.

Revised: May 2004

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