Utilities Office

The Utilities Office has assigned new account numbers to all customers. All customers have now received bills with their new account number. All customers are now able to access the full range of services available from the new online bill payment service, Invoice Cloud. The phone number and URL for Invoice Cloud are printed on each bill. Check the Payment Options page on this site for more information. Customers using their bank to make payments must update the payment information at the bank website with their new account number.

The Muskingum County Utilities Office is the customer service center for the Water and Sewer Departments. The office processes applications for water or sewer service, processes payments, responds to customer inquires, maintains both water and sewer system records, etc. The office is open to customers Monday through Friday 8 Am till 4 PM except legal holidays. The office has a drive-thru window that is open during business hours and a drop box available during non-business hours.

Service Advisories

The Water Department issues several types of service advisories, some for the protection of the customers and others just to keep the public informed of activities that may impact their water service. The Water Department issues service advisories of two types, an emergency situation or a planned outage for construction or repairs.

  • Boil Advisories
  • Service Outtages
  • Hydrant Flushing

The Water Department issues precautionary boil water advisories when a loss of pressure in the water main can potentially contaminate the water. Although these advisories can be inconvenient they are issued for your protection. If you are under a Boil Advisory, you should boil vigorously for three minutes any water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice, or other consumption. You do not need to boil water for bathing, washing dishes, laundry, or other external uses.

Service outages are normally the result of an unexpected water line break or a natural disaster that causes a power outage. Many of the unexpected line breaks are the result of construction activity near the water line. Remember state law requires any one to call the utility protection service before digging so that all utilities in the area can be located. This is primary for your safety, but it also reduces the service interruptions for your neighbors. There are other occasions when the outage could be part of scheduled system maintenance. The Water Department is proud of our good record of keeping the water flowing. Please call the business office whenever you see a leak.

The Water Department normally flushes the system mains in spring and summer by running water out the fire hydrants. This process accomplishes two things. First, opening a hydrant increases the velocity of the water moving through the water lines and causes any sediment that may have settled in the line to be moved out through the hydrant. One of the side effects is that if a customer happens to draw water while the cloudy water is moving past their service connection some of the cloudy water will be drawn into the service line. To reduce the chance of getting cloudy water, a customer should avoid using water while the crew is flushing in the neighborhood, especially do not wash laundry. After the crew has finished flushing in the neighborhood, the customer should open a faucet and let the water runs for a few minutes to ensure there is no cloudy water in the service line. Second, the flushing activities are also an opportunity to exercise each fire hydrant and check for needed maintenance so the hydrants will be ready to use in an emergency.

Project Notices
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If you do not have a Landline Phone you must register through this site to receive our Emergency Notifications for Muskingum County. You have Options for the Weather Alerts to receive them 24 hours a day or from 7:00 am till 10:00 pm. Tornado Warnings Do Not Have an Option. There are areas for Community Alerts, Water Outages and Water Boil Advisories and Special Needs Information categories. This information is not Shared with the Public or Sold to Other Entities. You can sign up multiple phone numbers, text numbers or email.

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