Water Department


The County Commissioners have adopted policies, rules, and standards for the operation and management of the Water Department. These documents provide information on how to apply for water service, penalties for late payment, requests for line extensions, and many more topics.


The following is an index of the Policies, Rules, and Standards. Click this link to view a PDF version of the Policies, Rules, and Standards document.







General Policy

Applications for Water Service Along Existing Mains

Applications for Water Service That Require Extension of Mains

Other Matters




10. Application for Water Service

Rule 10.2.       Condominium Water Service Application

Rule 10.3.       Connection/Permit Fees

Rule 10.4.       Discontinuance of Service

Rule 10.5.       Service Limitations


20.  Water Use Rates


Rule 20.1        Water Rate Schedule

Rule 20.2        Fire Service Rates


30.  Billing, Payment, and Collections


Rule 30.1.       Delivery of Bills and Notices

Rule 30.2.       Property Owner Responsible for Payment of Bills

Rule 30.3.       Courtesy Assistance, Turning Water On/Off by Water Department

Rule 30.4.       Non-Sufficient Fund Payments and Miscellaneous Fees

Rule 30.5.       Water Used for Construction Purposes

Rule 30.6.       Failure of Meters to Register, Excessive Bills and Leaks

Rule 30.7.       Delinquent Bills Turn off/Turn on Policy

Rule 30.8.       Application of Payments

Rule 30.9.       Penalty for Later Payment

Rule 30.10.      Senior Citizens Residing Out of State for Part of Year

Rule 30.11.      Online Bill Payment


40.  Meters


Rule 40.1.       All Services To Be Metered

Rule 40.2.       Ownership and Control of Meters

Rule 40.3.       Meter Setting

Rule 40.4.       Right to Move or Remove Meters; Meters Not Transferable

Rule 40.5.       Testing Meters

Rule 40.6.       Meter Accessibility and Right to Enter Premises

Rule 40.7.       More than One Residence or Other Building on Single Meter; Auxiliary

Rule 40.8.       Meters on Fire Lines


50.  System Construction and Maintenance


Rule 50.1.       Access to Premises

Rule 50.2.       Installation, Repair and Replacement of County Service Line

Rule 50.3.       Leaks in Service Lines

Rule 50.4.       Right to Shut Off Mains for Repair

Rule 50.6.       Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Rule 50.7.       Sampling and Testing of New Water Main

Rule 50.8.       Alterations, Modifications, or Adjustments to Water Distribution System

Rule 50.9.       Water Shortage


60. Cross Connections


Rule 60.1.       Connections Between the District Water System and Other Water Supplies Prohibited 

Rule 60.2.       Detailed Drawing of Water Piping to be Furnished in Certain Cases


70. Developer Procedures


Rule 70.1.       Testing

Rule 70.2.       General Acceptance

Rule 70.3.       Warranty or Maintenance Period


Private Water Improvement Agreement


Minimum Required Specifications and Installation Standards


Don Madden
Water Department Manager
Chad Hutchins
Field Supervisor
Debbie Ralph
Plant Supervisor
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