Sewer Rules

The County Commissioners are considering adopting rules, and standards for the operation and management of the Sewer Department. These documents provide information on customer discharge requirements, how to apply for service, penalties for late payment, and many more topics.

The following is an index of the Sewer Rules and Appendices. Click the appropriate link to view a PDF version of the Sewer Rules or Appendices.

Sewer Rules

Appendices A-F

Appendix G, Sewer Connection Manual


Section 1 – General Provisions

Section 2- General Sewer Use Requirements

Section 3 – Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Control Program

Section 4 – Reserved

Section 5- Special Discharges

Section 6 – Pretreatment of Wastewater

Section 7 – Wastewater Discharge Permits

Section 8 - Reporting Requirements

Section 9 – Compliance Monitoring

Section 10 – Confidential Information

Section 11 – Administrative Enforcement Remedies

Section 12 – Supplemental Enforcement Action

Section 13 – Affirmative Defenses to Discharge Violations

Section 14 –Wastewater Treatment Rates

Section 15 – Contracts and Agreements

Section 16 – Sewer Service Rate Schedule

Section 17 - Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 18 – Effective Date


Appendix A – MCSD Local Limits

Appendix B – MSCD Water and Sewer Rates and Surcharges Rates and High Srtrengh Rate Classification Rates and Prohibited Waste Fine Schedule

Appendix C – Infiltration and Inflow Control Requirements

Appendix D – Special Wastewater Discharge Rates and Fees

Appendix E – Industrial Wastewater Flow Metering Agreement and Requirements

Appendix F – Miscellaneous Pretreatment Charges and Fees

Appendix G – Sewer Connection Manual